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“White Feminism” and Intersectionality

The term “white feminism” does not refer to feminists who are white, but to a particular type of feminism that ignores other factors such as race and class. Here’s an article that raises some good points about just how problematic that is.

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Amanda Todd, More Than Bullying (Part 3)

a continuation of Part 1 and Part 2. Why should people care? There is too much at risk for people not to care about these silences and erasures. When racism and sexism might be salient to deaths and violence against

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Amanda Todd, More Than Bullying (Part 2)

a continuation of Part 1. When I learned that Amanda was mixed race and was harassed because of her “difference” from peers, I was transported back to Reena Virk’s death some fifteen years earlier. Then too, Reena’s racial and ethnic

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Amanda Todd, More Than Bullying (Part 1)

By Jo-Anne Lee, in collaboration with Sabina Chatterjee. Dear antidote members and friends, By  now,  you  have  probably  heard  about  Amanda  Todd’s suicide. On  behalf of antidote,  I wish  to offer  our deepest sympathy  to  her family  and friends.  The premature  death of  a child  is  something

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