Antidote Annual General Meeting

Antidote: Multiracial and Indigenous Girls and Women’s Network Annual General meeting
When: July 26th from 5:00-8:00pm
Where: Vancouver Island Immigrant and Refugee Society (VIRCS.) 202-531 Yates St, Victoria BC V8W 1K7
What: Come find your tribe! We are looking for you if you enjoy meeting and learning together with strong, compassionate women, good food & great conversation! Here you have a voice to envision the future for Antidote: workshops, social gatherings – poetry, moccasin making, art making, women’s empowerment workshops to name a few! see you there!

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Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser

‘After Shock’ Drum Workshop: Community Call and Response

When: 2 – 4pm on Sunday, May 17th
Where: Bert Richman Building at the Gordon Head Rec Centre – 4100 Lambrick Way (off Feltham)

Learn to play ‘Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi’

Sending a message of peace, health and hope to the people of Nepal.

Suggested Workshop fee: $25

All donations made will be sent via Canadian Red Cross.

Please email to RSVP and reserve a drum.

Nepal Fundraiser-page-001

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AGM November 4th

2014 Annual General Meeting

Date: 5:00 – 8:30pm on Tuesday, November 4th

Place: Surrounded by Cedars Child and Family Services
Board Room 211, 1497 Admirals Road, Victoria V9A 2P8


5pm Welcome

AGM Business:

  • Activity and Annual Reports
  • Nomination and Elections for antidote Board of Directors
    • President, Treasurer, Recorder, Indigenous Liaison, Queer Liaison, Gurlz, Sistah, Auntie Members-at-Large

6pm: Harvest Feast /Potluck

7 – 8:30pm: Drum Workshop and Song Sharing with Sabrina Williams

Bring your joy, bring your drums!


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Jumble Sale October 18th

Jumble Sale and Fall Blow Out!!

Come on everybody!!

Where? 548 Cornwall Street (near Fairfeld and Moss)

When? Saturday, October 18th
10am – 2pm

Great Deals on:

  • Art, craft and screen printing supplies
  • Workshop materials
  • Books
  • Wool, felt and fabric
  • iMac computer and Laptop


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“White Feminism” and Intersectionality

There’s been some media buzz, exemplified by but preceding the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag on Twitter, about the ways in which some mainstream feminism fails to account for very important issues surrounding race and colonialism. This article on Jezebel talks about the term “white feminism” and uses this graphic to explain it. As you can see, white women and men are not necessarily perpetuating problematic “white feminism” and women of colour are not necessarily immune to it.




Some of the exemplars of this type of narrow-minded feminism that stood out for me are:

  • Mindy Budgor, who lived among the Masai for three months, and upon her return, published a book in which she claimed to have become the first female Masai warrior. Inspired, of course, by feminism. (link)
  • Some very problematic discussions about whether or not Beyoncé “counts” as a feminist. (link)
  • This quote by Tina Fey that gives me a worrying complex of feelings. (link)

But the problem is, of course, that it’s easy to get defensive if you’re white, and a feminist, and you hear the term “white feminism” used pejoratively. Well, tough. I ask this of men when I talk about male privilege. This is asked of me in conversations about cis privilege. And so on. Feminism and work against oppression is not about who “wins” by being the most oppressed. I am completely behind the sentiment of “My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit” because I don’t really see how we could call ourselves feminist (or anti-racist) if we ignore the oppression of others just because it’s not our own.

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Colonization, Decolonization, and Solidarity


This is an excellent article, and should hopefully provide folks with some really important things to think and talk about. Folks of colour also have so much to trouble and think about in relation to our roles in colonization, decolonization, and solidarity – especially because anti-racist work has often problematically grouped us with Indigenous people and struggles, thereby often obscuring our own complicity within on-going and historical colonization.

Challenging Racism and the Problem with White “Allies”: A Conversation with David Leonard

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Why Your Love of Asian Babes May Be Racist

men seem to prefer asian women

Alicia Menendez Tonight is a TV show that recently featured an interview with comedian Kristina Wong as well as the head of an online dating service that collected data about users’ racial preferences. Kristina Wong reacted in what may have been the only way possible, given the attempted all-too-serious (or not serious enough!) discussion of the data showing that most men prefer asian women.

Here were some of our thoughts:

  • That moment when he tried to do an ego check on her by saying that Latina women also rated pretty highly.
  • Are asian women supposed to be happy that we’re finally desirable? Like we needed your data to tell us that?
  • Sooooooo heterosexual.
  • Thank you for notifying us that there are only four racial categories in the whole world!
  •  I want a viking hat and compressed air for the next time someone says something to me that’s completely absurd.
  • A+ for analysis. Not.

But thanks, Kristina, for being a model truth teller and trouble maker for the rest of us. I’m sure your family’s proud of you – but even if they aren’t, we sure are.

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Truth Tellers & Trouble Makers

critical thinking books

Welcome to Truth Tellers & Trouble Makers! We are an inter-generational group of Indigenous and multiracial girls and women who are exploring critical thinking and social justice. In the coming months we hope to share our thoughts and resources with you. We hope you’ll join us in building a strong, vibrant, super necessary community of critical thinkers and activists!

So – what is critical thinking? In many ways, critical thinking is simply how we process information to decide if we really believe what others are telling us. When we hear or read something and we think about what people are talking about, critical thinking shapes how we hear and understand it and what filters/experiences/ teachings we use when we make sense of things. Being aware of those processes can help us be conscious of our responses, and can even help shape our responses to have the best impact.

Critical thinking is present in our lives, and plays a huge role in social justice and working for change. It happens when we hear something that really doesn’t feel right – it can worry us, enrage us, or make us feel really uncomfortable.

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Rhythms and Stories Dec 1st

Gurlz, Sistahs, Aunties!

Rumble up a storm at antidote’s riffiest, grooviest and loudest Intergenerational event ever!

Thanks to the CRD IDEA Grant Project and Saanich Parks and Recreation, we gather to celebrate arts, culture and creativity.

Join us to share stories, diverse rhythms, and play, play, play!

Sunday, December 1st
10:30am – 1:30pm
Bert Richman Auditorium at Gordon Head Rec. Centre
4100 Lambrick Way (off Feltham Road)

Facebook Event:

Rhythms & Stories poster for distribution

Rhythms & Stories poster (PDF)

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Philippines Support and Panama Maru

Hi everyone,

This is a forwarded message about a way you can support the local Filipino community, as well as a reminder about an event on Nov 24th.

1. The local Filipino community is organizing support for those devastated by the typhoon. Please help by:
Making a donation through the Canadian Red Cross at the local office at 909 Fairfield Rd., online at or by calling 1-800-418-1111.

Supporting a fundraising dinner Friday, 7 p.m. at the Bayanihan Centre, 1709 Blanshard St., Victoria. $10 a plate, limited capacity. If the fundraiser sells out you can always leave a donation instead!

2. Reminder of the November 24 Panama Maru performance:

The Maritime Museum of B.C.,
28 Bastion Square, Victoria
Sunday, November 24, 2013, 3pm
Admission by donation

On October 17, 1913, the Japanese oceanliner Panama Maru steamed into Victoria’s harbour. Among its passengers were 56 newcomers from India hoping to settle in Canada. Most were detained under Canada’s Continuous Journey regulations, imprisoned at Victoria’s immigration shed, and ordered deported by immigration officials. However, the passengers refused to give up. Support from the new South Asian communities in Victoria (centred in the newly completed Topaz Street gurdwara, 1912) and Vancouver, and from Eurocanadian allies, prompted a legal challenge. The outcome in the Supreme Court of British Columbia surprised everyone, angered politicians in Victoria and Ottawa, sent shock waves across the Pacific, and set the stage for the Komagata Maru tragedy six months later. Join UVIC students on Sunday, November 24, 3pm in the courtroom of the B.C. Supreme Court at the Maritime Museum of B.C. for a creative performance of the trial and its aftermath. Reception to follow.

Sponsored by UVIC History and the Martime Museum of B.C.

With the support of UVic’s Asian Canadian Working Group; the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives; the Centre for Global Studies; the Faculty of Graduate Studies; the Faculty of Humanities; the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society; Office of the President; Provost’s Community Building Fund.

PDF of Panama Maru Poster

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From Janet Rogers: All In/digenous Writers Night

Please join us in a night of Indigenous Literature on Friday September 13th at The Little Fernwood Hall 1923 Fernwood Road at 7pm.

5 strong Indigenous voices are presented with Standing Nation Drum opening the evening and Indigenous inspired dance beats to close. Everyone is welcome!

Please see the poster and information sheet attached.

See you there.

Janet Rogers.

All In/digenous Poster (PDF)

All In/digenous Press Release (PDF)

Facebook event: link

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Minutes from our AGM

Hi everyone,

Our AGM last week was a success, and we’re pleased to announce our Board of Directors:

  • President: Andrea Monteiro
  • Treasurer: Gayle Nye
  • Secretary: Audrey Yap
  • Indigenous Liaison: Janet Rogers
  • Members-at-Large: Jo-Anne Lee

We still have space on our Board for other Members at Large. Please get in touch with us ( if you’re interested in being part of our Board, or learning more about our projects.

2013 Agenda & Minutes (PDF)

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AGM August 21st

Hi everyone!

Our rescheduled AGM will be held on Wednesday, August 21st from 5:30-730pm at the Victoria West Community Centre.  We would love to see you there.  Attached to this post is the official notice as well as a nomination form, for any of you who might be interested in joining our board of directors.

2013 AGM notice and nomination form (Word Doc)

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Meet & Greet & AGM

Hi everyone! We’re having an antidote meet & greet on Sunday, June 16th from 11:00-12:30 at the Victoria West Community Centre at 521 Craigflower Road (Fireplace Room). Come, meet some of our current board members, and talk to us about how to get more involved as well as share your thoughts about what you’d like to see from us in the future.

Maybe you’re involved with a community organization, or are a community activist, and would be interested in some partnerships? Maybe you have some skills to share with our members, and would like to run some workshops? Maybe there are some things you’re hoping to learn from other antidote members? Or maybe you just want to spend some time around other multiracial and indigenous girls and women! Either way, we would love to see you. And if you can’t attend, we’d still love to hear your ideas over email or on our Facebook page.

The meet & greet will be followed by our Annual General Meeting, where we will also be electing the 2013/2014 board members. You are definitely welcome to stay for the AGM, but don’t feel obligated. And if you’re interested in being a board member for next year, but can’t make it to the meeting, we will also be taking nominations by email. Here’s the invitation and nomination form: AntAGM2013


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Radical Human Ecology

Hi everyone,

Here’s an event that many of you might be interested in attending!

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