’36-24-36′ Documentary Film Now Available

36 24 36 movie

’36-24-36′ Documentary Film Now Available for Download after Three Years in the Making

Click on the following link to download the film or view its trailer:


An insightful feature length documentary film, made by adolescent girls, that explores the issue of female body image and its correlation with eating disorders.

The film gives the viewer a firsthand perspective of Jessica and Shannon’s battles with anorexia while lending itself to the professional opinions of counsellors and dieticians who work with adolescent women. It also explores the reality and insights of pre-adolescent girls who, prior to making this film, thought very little about the perception of female body image within our society.

The film approaches the concept of female body image and its correlation with eating disorders from a totally pre-adolescent perspective, as it was made by a small group of 12-year-old girls in Kitimat, BC, with the supervision and support of two volunteers who work as child & youth clinical counsellors.

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