A poem from Embracing Shades of Action

antidote network, illustrations by Eva Campbell.

A collective piece from the writing workshop with Janet Rogers that took place at Embracing Shades of Action:

Non-colour see us for our looks, our colour
But who we are on the inside, we are amazing
People are scared of unique, colourful, proud and different people
We can be whoever we want to be because we are beautiful
Stereotypes cannot define us
The assumption of me is perceived incorrectly due to ignorance
I feel a lot of pressure at school by people who are so called cool
Their proud ignorance destroy her spark, her shine, they judge and she fell back to pieces again
They must break me down and figure me out
There are ups and downs when it comes to being from any racial background
Yet I am optimistic for I am vehemently chosen to take the power back
I am proud to be me
Everything we knew and were told vanished
We are colourful and beautiful and no one can tell us less!

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