A canvas of change

Jasmindra Jawanda raises her fist at the coffee shop.


I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful soulshine!

With springtime in the air, we are all very excited of planting new seeds during this time of renewal, rejuvenation and revitalization to have Antidote grow into a community of solidarity, empowerment and lifting each other up.

Angela Davis in her book “Women, Culture, & Politics” highlights the African American feminist term of “lifting as we climb” so that we, as women, work towards supporting, promoting and raising each other up. Antidote is here to collaboratively lift as we all climb.

Antidote is very thankful to the handful of women who have been actively involved in bringing us back into the light and out of the shadows. One of these amazing women is Judy Woo, so a special shout out to Judy for all of her past and recent dedication and commitment in lifting up Antidote especially with her amazing social media and communications outreach.

We would also like to thank the many community members who have been allies in creating and regenerating our recent hub of activity.

As President, I see Antidote today as a beautiful collaborative blank canvas where we have the power to paint together new landscapes and new visions through creative and artistic platforms. We hope you can be part of this highly necessary and critical girls and women organization so you can be part of the movement of lifting each other up as we climb and to contribute your own feminist creations on our canvas of change.

This is an incredibly exciting and engaging time of igniting the embers of Antidote into flames of empowerment!

We are looking for new members so please spread the word and thank you to all of you who on a daily basis work towards lifting our multiracialized and Indigenous girls and women up!

With respect.

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