I took the pledge at The Sorority Pledge Tour

The Sorority performs at the Victoria Events Centre, first show on the West Coast.

This show was opened by Paint the Town Red. They’re from Tsartlip First Nation. It was awesome and I met the group and told them that I’ve been seeing them on APTN and it was so great to finally meet them and see them.

Paint the Town Red on stage, from Tsartlip First Nation.

We have local hip hop and they’re expressing Indigenous lived experiences! Props to them for opening for The Sorority.

The Sorority Pledge Tour was incredible and I had the honour to meet them backstage and give them a warm West Coast thank you.

Meeting with The Sorority backstage at the Victoria Event Centre.
Backstage with The Sorority. Photo by Judy Woo.

What really resonated with me, besides their A1 conscious hip hop, was that one of the cypher’s, @itsmepagliacci, took time to appreciate local community organizing and the work we all do inter-generationally. 


And here’s what Keysha had to say:

Keysha: We played in Victoria last night and after the show, people came up and they gave us flowers. That was a very emotional moment. We’ve never been to Victoria, none of us have even performed solo, so to have that type of love. Like, people went to the store, bought flowers, wrote a card — that thought means that we have people who really listen to us, that we inspire people, and that we touch people so much they want to buy us flowers.

I was also happy to run into a member of Antidote, Letitia, at the show, who is a long time facilitator and community organizer. 

Letitia enjoying the show put on my The Sorority.

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  1. Best hip hop show I have seen in years by female rappers and DJ Mel Boogie held it down with her award winning beats.

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