Hollie Cook, The Sorority and so many other great artists

Hollie Cook on stage at the Phillips Backyard Party.

I went to the Phillips Brewery Block Party a few weeks ago and what a line up! This was one my summer highlights. We watched so many amazing performers and I had the honour to be part of some of the behind the scenes activity. Hollie Cook came all the way here from the U.K. and wowed us with her reggae roots-vibes which was perfect for the island scene. Many folks didn’t know who she was – but the crowd gravitated to her presence and warmth. 

The Sorority won over so many new fans (some of us are already committed) and sang their anthem and got the crowd so stoked. #SRTY Unfortunately, a couple members couldn’t make it due to other projects but the show still epic and the whole team was there in spirit. 


The line up of amazing artists at the Phillips Backyard Party (poster)

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