Judy Woo

Judy Woo is a first generation Chinese-Canadian, born and raised on Lkwungen Territory Vancouver Island. She is a multimedia artist and art and performance curator, working in painting, collage, upcycled garbage art, graffiti. She has been holding space for racialized people in the arts and culture landscape for two decades.

Pink and purple flowers with the wording "still here" on top.

Honouring community

I’ve been with Antidote since 2004. I was a member and I volunteered with youth. During that time I met Dr. Jo-anne Lee who was doing a project that became Antidote. I’m old school.  Community organizing can be hell. It’s hard. All of us are …

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Judy Woo, communications rep, on the antidote network board of directors.

Testing, 1, 2… 1, 2… Judy on the mic

Hi everyone. How is your spring going? I would like to introduce myself. Many of you might know me from the early days in Antidote! I’m on the board of directors as the Communication Representative. I’m Judy Woo…

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