Unlabel Fashion Workshop

poster_unlabelThe Unlabel Fashion Workshop is antidote’s annual community event focusing on fashion deconstruction.

Unlabel is a fun, creative and inspiring workshop where girls and women from racialized and Indigenous backgrounds explore their complex identities by “un-labelling” clothing, recreating fashion and remaking clothes. It is currently in its 5th year and is open to all members of the community. Participants create new items of clothing by symbolically cutting up the item of clothing and replacing it with material and style that represents their unique identity. The workshop ends with a fabulous fashion show highlighting the day’s creations.

This workshop builds community solidarity and capacity by bringing together community members in a positive, safe space. Thanks to our major sponsor, Girls Action Foundation, antidote has been able to host this workshop annually, with new workshops, speakers, and activities added each year. Antidote members, volunteers, allies, friends and community partners join in a day full of fashion fun, social change, and a celebration of our identities as racialized and Indigenous girls and women.