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Partial poster, Feminist Rock Camp

Learn an instrument! Write a Song! Form a Band! All in ONE weekend!

Community event! Antidote’s president-elect, Soumya Natarajan, is organizing a Feminists’ Rock Camp! It’s for all adults (over 19) of all genders and all music ability. There’s no need to identify as a feminist, if you prefer a different label or wish to question labels all together. However, this camp is for those open to feminist process and committed to creating a safer space during the event.

If you have an instrument please bring it! If you have more than one and want to share, awesome! No worries if you don’t though, instruments will be provided as well. The fee covers accommodation, meals, instruction, supplies, practice, gig and a whole lot of encouragement, guidance and support to unleash your inner rockstar!

Transportation shouldn’t be a concern! There will be carpools available and encouraged. The dates are August 20-22 at Camp Pringle and registration fee is a sliding scale $50-200. If this sounds totally awesome to you please call 250-483-5454 or email for the application form and to talk about the registration fee.

Feminists Rock Camp Poster (PDF)

Partial poster, Feminist Rock Camp

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