HERE I STAND: Stories of Immigrant and Refugee Youth

antidote network, illustrations by Eva Campbell.

HERE I STAND: Stories of Immigrant and Refugee Youth
Directed by: Yasmine Kandil Live music by: Enrique Rivas & Rob Hunter

Project Coordinator: Negin Naraghi

The Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Center Society would like to invite you to: “Here I Stand”: a theater performance by immigrant and refugee youth. The group was formed in October 2009 with the aim of providing an opportunity for newcomer youth to explore issues of transition, diversity and immigration. Using theater allowed youth to connect with the arts while exploring difficult topics in a creative, non-language bound way.

“Here I Stand” is a collage of images and scenes that are inspired by their real life experiences. Topics include: immigration, identity formation, culture shock, discrimination at school, changes in the family, conflicts with teachers and traumatic stress. It was important to the youth that they also represent the beauty of diversity and the benefits of living in a multicultural society.

The aim of this performance is to empower youth as peer educators by engaging with audience members in an interactive workshop. Following the performance, audience members will participate in an interactive discussion. You will get the chance to break the scenes down while working as a community to deepen our understanding on the experiences of newcomer youth.

To make a reservation contact: / 250-361-9433 ext.203

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