Homospun Dance Party!

Homospun collective presents…

“Stonewall was a RIOT!
A dance party to celebrate queer resistance”

Friday July 2, 2010 from 9-2
19+, i.d. please
Norway House 1110 Hillside Ave.
Coast Salish Territory
$5 – 10 sliding scale (no one turned away)
Wheelchair accessible

No costumes are required. Please feel free to come however you feel best!

We strive to create a space that is safer for folks. We do recognize that it is impossible to create a completely safe space. We envision a dance party that is pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-gender-queer, pro-ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity, a space that is welcoming and friendly for folks with different body types, ways of presenting, different abilities/different ways of moving, folks who are poor and low-income, and different belief systems. We oppose all forms of oppression, and work towards being as accessible and inclusive as we are able. We hope to be constantly challenged to continue learning and developing our anti-oppressive policies and practices and encourage those in our communities to do the same.

We ask all those attending our party to think critically about the costumes they choose to wear. For example, please be mindful of the potential for cultural appropriation to occur when choosing a costume. We aim to deal with any concerns raised in a productive and respectful manner.

The Homospun Collective is a growing group of folks looking to put on inclusive events for the GLBTQ community and friends, allies, and anyone interested in finding alternative spaces to meet, create, dance, relax, and make friends.

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