Truth Tellers & Trouble Makers

Welcome to Truth Tellers & Trouble Makers! We are an inter-generational group of Indigenous and multiracial girls and women who are exploring critical thinking and social justice. In the coming months we hope to share our thoughts and resources with you. We hope you’ll join us in building a strong, vibrant, super necessary community of critical thinkers and activists!

So – what is critical thinking? In many ways, critical thinking is simply how we process information to decide if we really believe what others are telling us. When we hear or read something and we think about what people are talking about, critical thinking shapes how we hear and understand it and what filters/experiences/ teachings we use when we make sense of things. Being aware of those processes can help us be conscious of our responses, and can even help shape our responses to have the best impact.

Critical thinking is present in our lives, and plays a huge role in social justice and working for change. It happens when we hear something that really doesn’t feel right – it can worry us, enrage us, or make us feel really uncomfortable.

Sabina Chatterjee is an activist, artist, and academic currently completing a graduate degree in Dispute Resolution at the University of Victoria. As a racialized settler, she acknowledges that she is an uninvited guest on the land of Coast Salish and Straights Salish peoples.
Sabina has held leadership positions in service provision agencies focused on providing support for street-involved youth for 17 years and is currently the Organizational Director of antidote: Multiracial and Indigenous Girls and Women’s Network.
Critical thinking, social justice, and decolonization are themes that are deeply woven within Sabina’s support provision, activist work and research. After a lifetime of being told she is a troublemaker (like it’s a bad thing) she feels lucky that she gets to hang out with other super amazing members of Truth Telling and Trouble Making.