Why Your Love of Asian Babes May Be Racist

men seem to prefer asian women

Alicia Menendez Tonight is a TV show that recently featured an interview with comedian Kristina Wong as well as the head of an online dating service that collected data about users’ racial preferences. Kristina Wong reacted in what may have been the only way possible, given the attempted all-too-serious (or not serious enough!) discussion of the data showing that most men prefer asian women.

Here were some of our thoughts:

  • That moment when he tried to do an ego check on her by saying that Latina women also rated pretty highly.
  • Are asian women supposed to be happy that we’re finally desirable? Like we needed your data to tell us that?
  • Sooooooo heterosexual.
  • Thank you for notifying us that there are only four racial categories in the whole world!
  •  I want a viking hat and compressed air for the next time someone says something to me that’s completely absurd.
  • A+ for analysis. Not.

But thanks, Kristina, for being a model truth teller and trouble maker for the rest of us. I’m sure your family’s proud of you – but even if they aren’t, we sure are.

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