Thoughts from We’re Just Sayin’ in the Summer: Gurl Solidarity Media Program

antidote network, illustrations by Eva Campbell.



We’re Just Sayin’ In the Summer: Gurl Solidarity Media Program is a 5 day media program and research initiative with in collaboration with the Department of Women’s Studies.  Today is the last day of our media program.  : ( sniff!  It’s been such an amazing experience so far.  Through this media program we are working with over 20 gurlz to learn new skills and empowering all of us to use these mediums to tell their our unique stories.  This has been a really great opportunity because we get such few opportunities as racialized girls and women to tell our stories and to have them heard in different formats.  I am really excited because all of these amazing gurlz will now be part of our antidote community and hopefully really soon you will see them sharing their skillz on our blog.

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