A Date With A Senator

antidote network, illustrations by Eva Campbell.

On December 3rd, 2009, antidote: Multiracial and Indigenous Girls and Women’s Network celebrated our recent win for the BC Representative for Children and Youth Award of Excellence.  Hosted by the Dean of Human and Social Development at UVIC, Mary Ellen Purkis and the Director of the School of Child and Youth Care at UVIC, Daniel Scott, we celebrated at the First Peoples House ceremonial hall on campus. Elder Marie Cooper welcomed us into the beautiful space with her kind words of support and wisdom.  In the midst of a beautiful venue we got a chance to accept this award again in the midst of our antidote family.

A special guest, Senator Patrick Brazeau, also accepted our invitation to join us.  It was a pleasure to speak with him and have him recognize and acknowledge the work that we do.  After the ceremony, a few lucky antidote members got a chance to have dinner with the senator, the girls, sistahs and aunties wowed him with this years activities.  It was truly a great event.

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