Join us at Embracing Shades of Action on May 5th!

Embracing Shades of Action is a one-day event on May 5, 2012, for Indigenous Girls and Girls of Colour* between the ages of 13-17. The day has been created and designed as a response to the lack of space there is for the lived experiences and networking of/between Indigenous Girls and Girls of Colour in Victoria. In planning this day we acknowledge that race and place has shaped every individual differently and want to honor the diversity within Indigenous Girls and Girls of Colour lives. We come together with an incredible advisory committee that includes an intergenerational combination of both Indigenous Women and Women of Color. Through the advisory committee visioning process, as well as a number of focus groups with Indigenous Girls and Girls of Colour from local communities, we formed a collective vision of what this day could look like.

The day will provide an opportunity for the participants to learn new skills and leadership tools. It will aim to inspire and support dialogue-surrounding issues that matter to the youth participants. It will also provide the space and place for youth to network with other youth and hear the experiences of other young Indigenous Women and young Women of Colour who are actively involved in taking action within their communities.

Don’t forget to register online for the event! Click this link to sign up!

For more information, visit the event website at Questions? Email Nikki and Whitney at .



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