Quick update from a new board member!

Emery stands by a wall covered in art, in Harajuku Japan.

Happy Autumn! As the season changes so is our core organizing group. I will be taking over as the communications person. I’m looking forward to making things happen this fall and winter.

I’m going to Nigeria at the end of November to visit my family. I’ve never been and my mom hasn’t been in twenty years. So that’s big.

I’ve been a part of Antidote since, I don’t know, maybe 2007. I was eleven. This is my first time on the board.

I’m excited! And I’m excited to have more say and take up more of a leadership role.

There’s so much cool stuff happening in our communities. This past weekend Sisters Rising put on a three day public forum. I was there for all three days and it was really powerful. There were tears as well as laughter. It was a lot and I felt so many different emotions. I know some of the organizers and a few were part of Antidote back in the day, and I’m so proud to know them.

I hope I can let you guys know of any upcoming events in our communities. I would love it if we could provide a space for people of colour to share their stories, news or events with us. If you have anything you would like to share with us to post, such as any upcoming events or local news, please feel free to contact us.

Emery stands by a wall covered in art, in Harajuku Japan.

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