Kambo’s Korner: Blogging Breakdown

antidote network, illustrations by Eva Campbell.

Blogging, I didn’t think it would be that hard! I like writing; I’m good at English. I thought, “This will be a breeze!” I was wrong. Sitting, staring at a blank page wondering what in the world am I gonna write about ?! blog posts, blog posts, blog posts ! research, research, research ! = no success. GAH, why is this soo hard ?! it’s just text, it’s just words! Yet, my mind is still a blank… Good job Jasmine, you officially did NOTHING.

When I was told that part of my job would be blogging, I thought, “Do people still do that?” I honestly thought that blogging was kinda “out” but I learnt that it is still a very big social media outlet for many organizations. (They’re quite informative actually.) It’s not a hard process, to post the blog but I struggled a lot with the content. Slowly I’m coming into my own. I know that I will get better and feel more comfortable with more practice.

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  1. Hi Jasmine!

    I appreciate your raw honesty. That is what people love. Keep it up and I look forward to your next blog!


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