Honouring community

Pink and purple flowers with the wording "still here" on top.

I’ve been with Antidote since 2004. I was a member and I volunteered with youth. During that time I met Dr. Jo-anne Lee who was doing a project that became Antidote. I’m old school. 

Community organizing can be hell. It’s hard.

All of us are wearing many hats and have many responsibilities. So it can be difficult coordinating and meeting. I’m paraphrasing Jo-anne but we’re marginalized and racialized for time and we’re not all able bodied. 

But community organizing is critical. And that’s why I stick around. I’m very passionate about the women who are here and carry Antidote’s legacy. Jasmindra and Gayle and other women that came before all keep the network alive. I have immense gratitude and appreciation for them. #Solidarity New members who are sistaz, gurlz and aunties are dynamic and bring power, skills and art. #WeAreEverywhere

We invite you to check us out. Come to a monthly meeting. And stay tuned we have an early AGM coming up soon and there are loads of board positions. We would love to meet you.

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